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Data Analytics
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The Knowledge & Skill-sets of Data AnalyTics empowers enterprises & professionals to remain relevant in the digITal age. We provide the tools to upgrade your skills.

Data Analytics

Enterprises everywhere are scrambling to find actionable insights into their data and for good reason. With the right analytics platforms in place, enterprises can boost sales, increase efficiency and improve operations around activities such as fraud management, customer service, risk management and strategic planning. All enterprises need to address how they are going to harness all this information, and do it efficiently, so that the IT they use pays them dividends. There is a learning curve involved in harnessing the power of Data Analytics. As organizations rely more on analytics, there is a sense of urgency to re-tool their workforce with skills that will enable more decision makers to take advantage of new analytic technologies.

Data Will Get Bigger and Faster With More Analytics. Data Analytics is the key skill for the e-Era. The skill of Data Analytics empowers you to become more proficient knowledge workers.

Dynamic IT Innovation has transformed most employees as “knowledge workers”. The great variety of IT solutions has increased the need for embedding internal controls in IT. It is critical to know how to use, assess, review and evaluate electronic data in the diverse e-world. Data analytics is the key skill required whether you are a Financial/IT Auditor, CXO/IT/management professional or Fraud/Forensics investigator.

Wincer offers various Data Analytics Solutions which work as stand-alone software in single and multi-user environment as also software which works as an add-in to well-known MS Excel software. Wincer's software solutions provide analytics features which facilitate users to enhance their effectiveness when are dealing with electronic data.

WinCAAT solutions SoftCAAT and eCAAT enable users to perform extensive analysis of data which may come from multiple sources, in different formats and from different platforms.

WinCAAT's eCAAT Software can by used by auditors. It is designed with the simplicity and ease of use of MS Excel but has the power of database. eCAAT Software has specific functionality which are designed from Data Analytics, Assurance and BI perspective so that users can analyse and draw inference from huge volume of data.

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