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Certification Courses

Wincer Academy has specially designed certification courses which provide both conceptual and practical knowledge in the area of data analysis and Business intelligence. The certification program enhances your proficiency to apply knowledge of data analytics and BI in specific areas for various professionals such as CAs in practice, CXOs, Fraud or Forensic Investigators or IT professionals.

The certification program of Wincer are offered through Wincer Academy of Data Analysis and BI which is specially focussed on research and publications in this area. Wincer Academy has developed its own unique body of knowledge in the field of Data Analysis and BI which is based on extensive research and caters to the current and future needs of the industry.

The certification courses are offered through a combination of online and onsite training and involves in-depth study of concepts and practical application to diverse areas. It is expected that certification professionals will develop high skill-sets which have great potential both for self-employed professionals and for those working in industry.

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