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We Empower our Customers to be Creative Problem Solvers by Optimising Value from Data & Applying Thought to Technology. We exist to solve the problems of our customers to derive optimum value from electronic information by providing them tools and skills.

WinCAAT solutions are focussed on providing Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Solutions for auditors, CXOs and Fraud investigators. Our objective is not to just sell software but provide comprehensive solutions which meet objectives of enterprises as well as professionals. We offer directly and through our associates training, consulting and implementation services covering all the areas of Data Analysis and Business Intelligence based on our suite of offerings. Our services are focussed on enabling users to harness the power of technology to provide value addition. Our high quality of services builds and enhances the high capabilities of our technology solutions.

Our customers are:

  • CXOs of Enterprises
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Audit Managers, Audit Supervisors
  • IT professionals, IT Auditors and Audit staff

We believe that it is important for auditors accessing digital information to know not only key functionalities of audit software but also have practical experience of in using the Data Analytics solutions for various types of professional assignments. Hence, our services include specific training, consulting and implementation solutions customised as per your requirements. Our team consists of practitioners and subject matter experts well-versed in training, consulting and implementing Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions. They have extensive experience in their area of expertise. We deploy a team of experts who possess a wealth of experience in assessing and identifying business requirements, and are knowledgeable in working with your specific requirements. Our deployment team will include highly-knowledgeable and skilled experts in assessing, designing and implementing specific and customised solutions to ensure that you get optimum return on your investment (ROI).

Please email us your specific requirements and our panel of experts will get in touch with you.

Our Customers are the Inspiration for our Solutions and Services

You will find the latest (selected) list of customers.

Sample list of our Pioneer Customers/Users:

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