E2Tally-Soft Ent

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What is E2Tally-Soft Ent?

  • One Step Solution for Importing Data of Masters, Transactions And Reports from Tally to MS Excel in a few Clicks.
  • Perform Audit Tests/Dynamic Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Why use E2Tally-Soft Ent?

  • Supplements Powerful features of Tally with simplicity of MS Excel. Avoid manual data entry, related errors, save Time & Enhance Productivity.
  • Built with simple Interface. Select functions & Import masters and vouchers from Excel templates into Tally in a few clicks.
  • Use specific standard formats to convert data of different types of Transactions into Tally Vouchers formats for importing into Tally a few clicks.
  • Automate Import/Export of Masters or Vouchers from Excel to Tally.

How to Use E2Tally-Soft Ent?

  • Open Tally, Select Company & Period for which to import data.
  • Open MS Excel and Click on Tab of E2Tally-Soft.
  • Click on specific function and use relevant options.
  • Review the results and analyze as required.

Key Features of E2Tally-Soft Ent



Displays options to open Tally, create Company Info and to perform some of the key functions in Background.


Displays informatio of General & Master data from Tally of: Company, Accounting, Inventory, Cost Centre, Compliances & Payroll with option to extract specific master Info from Tally and option to index files.


Displays Log of Excel files accessed, log of functions performed (activities) and import log from Tally containing summary of masters/data imported into Tally.


Displays various types of Templates for Masters and Vouchers (Accounting, Inventory, Cost Centre and Bill-wise) for importing to Tally or to create xml file.Includes Various formats for converting transactions in different formats of Sales, Purchases, Services/JVs, Bank Statements, Receipt/Payment and Salaries.


Provides options to validate masters/vouchers of Accounting, Inventory, Cost Centres and Bill-wise and option to validate patterns of GSTIN, PAN and TAN.


Provides options to import/update masters/vouchers of Accounting, Inventory and Cost Centres.


Provides option to directly Export to XML/XLS, Import XML and Import XLS.


Provides Formats/Functions for converting/importing transactions in different formats of Sales, Purchases, Services/JVs, Bank Statements, Reciept/Payment and Salaries.
Import From Tally

Import From Tally

Displays transactions of Accounting based on selected criteria, ledger vouchers, cash and bank transactions and master data of Accounting from Tally.

Benefits of E2Tally-Soft Ent

  • Automate Import in bulk / Input single entries from Excel to Tally using standard templates.
  • Import Masters/Vouchers of Accounting, Inventory & Cost Centre from Excel Worksheets to Tally.
  • Export Masters/Vouchers/Reports from Tally to Excel in structured format for Analysis.
  • Automate Documentation and logs activities performed for future reference.
  • Generate specific Company Info, Statistics & Index Worksheets for documentation.
  • Validate Patterns of PAN, TAN, GSTIN & other standard formats.
  • Export Trial Balance (as specified) including Consolidating TB of Multiple Companies.

Comparison of E2Tally-Soft Ent & Pro

SINo Panels/Menus Primarily Used For Ent Pro
1 Configure, Docs & Profile Configure, Docs and profile Tally Data 09 01
2 Templates, Validate & Import2Tally Use Templates, Validate & Import2Tally 09 10
3 Export2Import Export/Import Masters/Vouchers in XML/XLS 03 NA
4 Convert2Vouchers Formats, Convert2Vouchers from diff. formats 08 05
5 Import from Tally Import DB, TB, Sales, Purchase, Other Vouchers 22 NA
Total 51 16
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