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WinCAAT Solutions are Designed & Built to Empower CAs, CPAs & CXOs to be Vibrant Co-Creators of Trust & to Add value.

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CAs, CXOs, Auditors and Fraud Investigators have to be Technologically Adept so as to be able to utilize and leverage technology in ways that add value to clients, customers and employers. As the world is increasingly becoming borderless, the working environment is becoming more demanding and more complex. There is a market demand for CAs who can provide real-time advice and services and this offers unlimited opportunities CAs to expand their skills, competencies, and services.

Many of the traditional, essential skills of CAs and CXOs are being replaced by new technologies that are increasing in number and being rapidly developed, often from unexpected sources. Technology will continue to challenge and reshape our lifestyles, work patterns, educational experiences, and communication styles and techniques. Technology is rewriting the “rules of business,” leaving those far behind who will not harness it and effectively integrate it.

In a technology environment where data is available in bits and bytes, it is critical to secure the data and identify impact/effect of control weaknesses. Auditors and Fraud investigators face the challenge of reviewing and investigating whether required controls are available, adequate and appropriate.

Connex Teletech Private Limited provides Technological tools for CAs, CXOs, Auditors and Fraud Investigators that upgrade their  skill-sets to effectively serve their organization and clients. WinCAAT solutions are engineered with the right features and functionality for audit. They are designed with user perspective and built in familiar Windows GUI platform. Rich functionality, ease of use and simple to learn makes these tools an invaluable component of the audit/BI-KIT (Business Intelligence/Knowledge Inference Tool). Our Tools help you to meet challenges of digITal age and also create new avenues of assurance and consulting.

Right from the Caption bar to the Status Bar, WinCAAT solutions have been designed with user perspective to facilitate ease of use. All functions can be easily learned as they are simple to understand, easy to learn and apply for practical situations. The power of software is reflected in its simple and elegant design which makes it easy to learn in quick time.

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