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Trainer Page

Trainers Page

We must embrace new Technology to make things happen rather than watch things happen. We make it easy to Re-learn/Re-stock your Tools to meet audIT challenges.


Wincer Academy will be regularly conducting Train the Trainers program for subject matter experts. Trainers can choose solutions in which they would like to be accredited. After successful completion of the training and passing the training, trainers are issued a certificate of accreditation and they are empanelled with us as trainers. Wincer will provide the details of trainers on its website and will also provide opportunity to trainers based on their expertise to be consultants and implementers for various software solutions. Please email if you are interested in attending these training programs.

In-House / Online Training

We make acquiring techno-skills in data analytics simpler by enabling you to learn by doing and apply to live scenarios.

In addition to public training programs, we also conduct customized, on-site In-house training as per your convenience. The training will be conducted by accredited trainers of Wincer who have proven expertise in subject matter and also in software solutions. In-house training is the quickest and way to educate your staff to start using our software solutions as per your enterprise requirements.

The course coverage can be based on the standard set of training offerings or these can be customized to suit your specific requirements.


In the digital age of information explosion, there is a scarcity of cyber specialists who can navigate the information highway to provide relevant information. Become a global trainer and provide both onsite and online training.

Our trainers are professionals who bring their practical experience to the classroom and believe in sharing their knowledge and expertise of how to implement WinCAAT solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our trainers go through a rigorous train-the-trainer program and only those who pass this training are accredited to offer both public and corporate training programs.

Our trainers are professionals in their own right but conduct training as a passion to share their knowledge and expertise. They are available for both on-site and off-site training. They can conduct generic or customized training as required for your enterprise.

Please email us at with your requirement and we will help you in selecting the right trainer who will conduct the required training for you.


Learn from experts and grow faster. Contact us with your problems and we provide access to our pool of subject matter and domain experts to help you implement our solutions faster.

Our consultants are professionals with expertise in their chosen area of expertise. They are from diverse backgrounds such as auditing, management, technology, security, risk and control. They have excellent knowledge in area of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. They are extensively trained in our Solution offerings. Our consultants will understand your specific requirements and after detailed study will recommend the right solution which will work for you and help you achieve your goals.

Please email us at with your specific requirements and we will get back to you with the right consultant for you.

Our Associates, Domain Experts, Trainers and Partners have special expertise in using our solution offerings as they have used and demonstrated their expertise to us as per our accreditation scheme. We forward inquiries received for training, consulting or implementation from specific clients to our accredited experts from your area. The fees to be charged for these assignments would be decided between the client and the expert depending on the time/rate of fees mutually agreed.

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