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Seven Tips for Achieving Dynamic Professional Transformation with Framework Modeling

Motivated, growth-oriented professionals often seek certifications and framework knowledge to meet employer needs and career goals. Every framework possesses common attributes such as purpose, principles, structure, contents, guidelines, depth, implementation methodology, stakeholders and more. Although professionals often implement frameworks for the benefit of enterprises, it is worth exploring how the same frameworks can be implemented by professionals to accelerate their own career growth. As knowledge workers, professionals can model a framework’s structure and apply their learnings to their own careers. Just as enterprises utilize frameworks and models to meet business objectives, framework modeling... Read More..

Seven Habits of Highly Skilled Digital Trust Professionals

My professional career of four decades has been a wonder-filled journey witnessing the transition of enterprise operations from a primarily physical environment to a drastically diverse digital environment. To stay up to date, I have continually sought to improve my skill sets, tool sets and mindset. The right mindset can simplify the processes of updating relevant skill sets and tool sets. Habits are fundamental to the development of the mindset. Digital trust is the most critical factor in enabling and sustaining this growth. It is incumbent on digital trust professionals to enable digital trust for all stakeholders. There are seven habits of digital trust professionals that can be derived from habits first explored in the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People .... Read More..

Seven Key Features Lessons and Tips from a COBIT Journey of 27 Years

COBIT has evolved from a collection of controls and control objectives with audit/management guidelines to a framework for enterprise governance of information and technology. It has evolved in accordance with best practices, business practices and digital transformation. COBIT has become an effective enabler that harnesses and leverages the power of technology to meet enterprise goals. Hence, COBIT has continued to maintain its relevance even after nearly three decades. There are seven key lessons I have learned from my experience with COBIT implementation. Read More..

Using COBIT and Google Maps to Integrate Any Framework Standard or Model With Enterprise Apps

The evolution and growth of computer applications (apps) in the last several decades has been truly phenomenal in terms of increased speed, simplicity, ease of use and user-friendliness. The era of cloud computing has further accelerated the usage of such apps that, with mere clicks or swipes, they can be accessed across devices, anytime and anywhere. Popular apps such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Zoom, WhatsApp and the recent ChatGPT are considered superior to enterprise apps (e.g., enterprise resource planning [ERP] software) in terms of their simplicity and ease of use, allowing them to race ahead to the billion-user category in a short amount of time. Read More..

Seven Steps to Empowerment with Data Analytics

In today’s all-pervasive digital data world, we are flooded with data, but starving for information. Data are everywhere, but what enterprises require are actionable insights, which can only be obtained by analyzing such data. Data are the most valuable asset of any enterprise—in fact, they are said to be the new oil. But this oil by itself is useless without a proper engine that can use the oil to drive the enterprise to its destination. Data analytics is one such engine that can derive value from data with given objectives. Data analytics is a must-have capability for every professional whose primary role is to access and analyze digital data. Read More..

Seven Steps for Digital Trust Professionals to Develop Analytical Thinking

New digital platforms and business models require new insights and perspectives. Analytical Thinking empowers professionals to find solutions to various problems, make relevant decisions and implement action plans to creatively solve those problems. Thinking is what makes us humans and will always keep ahead. As machines get more powerful with AI capabilities, we have to develop our thinking capabilities and use it through the machines to achieve the purpose of our life. Read More..


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