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Why to Use eCAAT
Designed from Assurance, Controls & Compliance perspective
Identify irregularities, exceptions, outliers & verify compliances in digital data for CAs and their teams.
Perform select group of functions at one go to generate all reports in Excel Workbooks, based on selection “By Criteria” or “By Functions” and save as template.
Automate Standard Audit/MIS process to perform select group of functions as required.
Perform various types of audit tests on Excel data in a few clicks!
Easy-use-to-use interface with a comprehensive collection of DA/BI functions.
Blends simplicity of MS Excel with the power of data from Database!
Inbuilt data analytics approach and steps in the panels, menus and functions of software.
Available both as Single User and Multi User (Install on Server and access from Desktop/Laptop)

Features based on Panels/Menus/Functions (Rel. 2022 Jan)
No. Tabs / Panels Primarily Used For No. of Functions
1 Profile Analyse Data to get overall Perspective 17
2 Analyse Data Analytics/Fraud Investigation (FI) 17
3 Investigate Business Intelligence (BI)/MIS/FI 25
4 Sampling Select Samples based on specified criteria 18
5 Utilities/Tools Log activities, Rerun tasks, hide panels 8
Total 85
Note: Some of Panels/Menus may be Re-arranged/Renamed in the Software

Listing based on Features (Rel. 2022 Jan)
No. FFeatures / Types Primary Benefit No. of Functions/b>
1 Data Analytics /FI Assurance, Compliance / FI 59
2 Sampling Select Samples based on specified criteria 18
3 Docs/Utilities/Templates Log activities, Rerun tasks, hide panels 8
Total 85
Note: Many of the functions could be used for multiple purposes. For example. The same function could be used for DA or BI/MIS or even as utility to analyse data. However the above grouping is most possible use.

Key Features of Auto eCAAT Pro Software

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