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Wincer Infotech Limited


If you believe in exploring new possibilities, we provide the right avenue to unleash your talent to discover new horizons.

Wincer is a blend of Assurance and IT professionals with a commitment to excel in providing software solutions for the digITal audITor. Wincer includes a team of dedicated full-time employees and a panel of experts in specialized areas of Data Analysis, Information Technology Audit and Business Intelligence (BI). We are pioneers in developing Data Analysis and Business Intelligence software. These solutions and services are designed for use by novice as well as expert users. We believe in providing unique value proposition to our customers by harnessing the power of technology. We take great pride in being Thought-Leaders and value our contribution to the development of the world's leading DA and BI solutions and services. We are one of the earliest to implement “Make in India” philosophy.

We consider our people as our biggest assets. We provide a work environment which presents new challenges and the opportunity to work on designing and developing innovative solutions which provide real value addition to our customers.

We have openings for dynamic result-oriented Data analytics and BI professionals who have exposure to IT and practical experience in using software for Data Analytics/BI. We select people based on learnability as we believe that anyone who can learn by acquiring and using enhanced skill-sets as required. Those who work with us become highly skilled in very quick time. We offer excellent career prospects for those who work with the motto of life-long learning and making a difference through their contribution.

Systems Analyst:

We are looking for systems analyst with a B.E. or CA qualification with minimum of 2 years’ experience in designing solutions. Knowledge of industry best practices such as SDLC and standards such as COBIT, ISO 27001 or ITIL  is preferable. Exposure to Windows environment and Data Analytics/Business Intelligence projects is preferable.


We are looking for graduates and professionals who have experience in Microsoft Technology such as VB.NET, ASP.Net, C#.Net and SQL Server, Exposure to Windows environment and Data Analytics/Business Intelligence projects is preferable.

Chartered Accountants:

We also provide excellent opportunity for fresh Chartered Accountants who are interested in harnessing power of technology to provide innovative solutions. We offer a challenging and dynamic work environment where people are recognized for their skills, innovation and ability to learn and apply.



We also hire fresher’s with B.E, B.Sc or MCA qualification. Exposure to windows related projects is preferable.

If you meet any of the above requirements, please email your CV in word format to:

Career as DA-BI

Data Analytics (DA) and Business Intelligence are the buzz words of today. There is a data revolution happening all around us. Data Will Get Bigger and Faster With More Analytics. Data Analytics is the key skill for the e-Era. The skill of Data Analytics empowers you to become more proficient knowledge workers. There is continued attention and focus on Analytics / Big Data and this offers great opportunities for those who want to specialize whether one is a fresher or experienced professionals Enterprises having invested heavily in technology are flooded with data from everywhere but are scrambling to find actionable insights into their data—and for good reason. With the right analytics platforms in place, enterprises can boost sales, increase efficiency and improve operations around activities such as fraud management, customer service, risk management and strategic planning. All enterprises need to address how they are going to harness all this information, and do it efficiently, so that the IT they use pays them dividends. There is a learning curve involved in harnessing the power of Data Analytics. As organizations rely more on analytics, there is a sense of urgency to retool their workforce with skills that will enable more decision makers to take advantage of new analytic technologies.

Data analytics is much more than just gathering data using software tools and creating dashboards and reports. The primary goal to drill into data to gather inference and provide insights so as to enable business decisions based on these insights. This involves working with stakeholders to understand the gaps in the business and using this knowledge as a guide to manipulate data, derive useful insights, and make recommendations whose implementation will result in increased revenue and lower costs.

Who should consider career in DA-BI?

Dynamic IT Innovation has transformed most employees as “knowledge workers”. The great variety of IT solutions has increased the need for embedding internal controls in IT. It is critical to know how to use, assess, review and evaluate electronic data in the diverse e-world. Data analytics is the key skill required whether you are a Financial/IT Auditor, CXO/IT/management professional or Fraud/Forensics investigator.

  • If you are a Financial or IT Auditor, you need to ask: Are you using the right IT Tools and skills for accessing, analyzing and auditing electronic information which improve your effectiveness and enable you to provide better assurance?
  • If you are a CXO/IT/management professional, you need to ask: Are you equipped with the right IT Tools and Techniques which empower you to use your Knowledge and Skills as a knowledge worker to provide value addition?
  • If you are a Fraud/Forensics investigator, you need to ask: Are you trained in the right IT techniques to investigate and report on frauds in electronic information?

You can choose analyst as a career if you meet the following requirements.

  • You have natural aptitude in mathematics, statistics and data.
  • You possess excellent analytical skills, which enables you to solve complex problems
  • You have excellent communications skills, which allow you to identify solutions to those problems.
  • You enjoy not only exploring data on the surface but also uncovering the story and explanations behind the data.
  • You can compile and analyze data contained in a computer databases or elsewhere to identify problems and possible solutions.
  • You can also design and build databases to house the required information to ensure data accuracy and make recommendations to business managers about how to improve efficiency or quality based on your findings.
  • You have the ability to work with the executive or departmental management of a company, and want to have a direct impact on the operations of that company.

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career in data analytics and business intelligence, we compliment on making this great career choice. We are pioneers in developing data analysis and business intelligence software. Our solutions and services are designed for use by expert and novice users of data analytics and business intelligence. We believe in providing unique value proposition to our customers by harnessing power of technology. We take great pride in being thought leaders and value our contribution to the development of the world's leading DA and BI solutions and services. We were one of the earliest to implement “make in India” philosophy.

If you have great love for playing with data using software and can enjoy your time slicing and dicing data in your computer, then data analytics could be your passion and you may consider choosing it as a career or to specialise in this field. We offer careers in Data Analytics and Business intelligence. We also train you to find your path in this field.

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