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WinCAAT Consulting

Professionals have to be Proactive in Thoughts & Deeds, Tools and Skills? Professional have to be Creative as also Conformist. Learn to think creatively both from convergence and divergence perspective.


Wincer has been providing Data Analysis expertise to their clients since more than two decades. Our reputation as Data Analysis Experts has been developed through our staff's substantial training and expertise in areas such as IT and security auditing, financial and operational auditing and general data analysis. Wincer's panel of experts provide specialized consulting services in the areas of:

  • Planning strategy for development for data analysis and BI solutions as required.
  • Designing specific solutions using our suite of products to provide best value for money for our customers.
  • Support ing internal/external audit team for data analysis with specific objectives.
  • Using BI tools to provide specific insights and identify patterns for further analysis.
  • Fraud Auditing and Forensic investigation for preventing/detecting fraud.
  • Performing IT assurance and data analysis assignments as per compliance or management requirements.
  • Standard and customized consulting for internal/external auditors/management for implementing WinCAAT suite of solutions.

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