FAQs on Free Trial of Software

  1. Once I sign up, is the free trial guaranteed to be provided by the company?
    The software selected by user for Free trial is offered by the company at their sole discretion. The company may refuse the request for providing free trial without assigning any reason.

  2. How many times can I apply for Free Trial version of the software?
    You can apply for free trial for one software only one time during a year.

  3. Can I request for only one software or multiple software in one request?
    You can request for only one software at a time from the sign-up form. However, if you wish to request more than one type of software, you can request once for another software but not for the same software.

  4. Can I request for multiple copies of same software in one request?
    You can request for only copy of software from one email id/phone no.

  5. When will I get the software and how?
    Once you submit your details using the sign up form, your details will be reviewed by our support team and if it is approved, then you will get an email with the link to download the Software, Serial Key and Step by Step Guidelines for Activation of the software.

  6. How do I activate the software?
    Please download the setup.exe file from the link given in the email, install the software following the step by step guidelines.

  7. If I am unable to install the software, whom should I contact?
    Most of our users are able to install and activate the software without any assistance. However, if you face any issues or require assistance in activation, please email support@wincaat.com or call our helpline at Cell: +91 93430-02119, +91 87626-61669

  8. Can I get demo of the software from your team?
    You can visit to register for theWebinar(s) of your choice

  9. What is the validity period of the software?
    The software is valid for 7 days from date of email. Hence, we suggest that you install the software immediately on receipt.

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