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Computers can process data into Information but Intelligence can Transform this information into Actionable Insights! To create Value for all.

BI Experts

If you are a BI Expert with practical knowledge in any area of using, developing or implementing BI solutions and have passion to grow, we can provide a platform where you can contribute and optimize your potential by applying your BI expertise. You can look at our current solution offerings and provide suggestions on how we can innovate and provide better solutions and how you can be part of this innovation. You could also be associated with us as business analyst, domain expert, trainer, consultant or implementer. If you are an independent professionals, you can still retain your independence but contribute depending on availability of time and be paid on time/project basis. If you are interested in being part of our solution offerings, please email your bio data outlining your area of interest with details of how you would like to be associated. We can discuss and work out ways of working together in the mission of harnessing the power of IT in the field of Data Analysis and Business Intelligence.

WinCAAT offers SoftCAAT-BI and eCAAT-BI, unique BI solutions which offers unique insights into your data.

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