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Press Release

In the digital decade when business is done at the speed of thought, Wincer empowers its users to use the same technology to audit at the rapid pace of technology evolution. WinCAAT solutions remove the monotony of routine, time-consuming tasks and focuses the energy of auditor on Analysis. WinCAAT solutions and services are designed especially for auditors and CXOs. WinCAAT solutions offer the ease of use and add-in the features of MS Excel but with the power and functions of a database.

Wincer is pleased to announce release of WinCAAT range of software for use by CAs, Auditors, CXOs and Fraud Investigators. The WinCAAT products include:

  1. eCAAT: Data analysis software as an add-in to popular Microsoft Excel (2007 and above) Applications.
  2. SoftCAAT: Knowledge Inference Tool which is a unique audIT software developed by audITors for audITors for audITing. SoftCAAT is available in multiple versions and platforms.
  3. Professional  Services Management Software which includes:
    1. Pro-Active Service Management for Professionals (PSMP)
    2. Pro-Active Service Management for Enterprises (PSME)
    3. Pro-Active Compliance Management for Professionals (PCMP)
    4. Pro-Active Compliance Management for Enterprises (PCME)

Please email for the latest info on WinCAAT solutions and services.

Wincer also offers certification and training courses in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.

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